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Regular / General Periodic Cleaning (Maintenance)

A regular cleaning can be customized to suit your priorities.  Many customers do not always desire a detailed service but rather a surface cleaning of the home. For most customers it is often the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and dusting around the home. By and large many of our customers rely on the general cleaning to maintain their home in clean condition.

The motivations are what you might expect to hear – both spouses are working full-time and it is difficult to allocate time for house cleaning; roommate is moving out and just a portion of the house needs a once-over; guests are coming over for dinner and between picking the kids up from school, preparing dinner, and getting yourself ready there just isn’t time to get the house cleaned. The reasons are countless – but the outcome needs to be the same: a clean house!

A regular cleaning is almost always comprised of cleaning of some core areas of the home: bathrooms, floors, kitchen, and dusting. Oftentimes customers do not want the cleaners to spend time cleaning the insides of things, ovens, fridges, etc. (those can be added as extras as needed), but you can always customize the cleaning to your liking.

Regular General Periodic Cleaning and Maintenance
Top-To-Bottom Detailed Cleaning and Spring Cleaning

Top-To-Bottom Detailed Cleaning or Spring Cleaning (Scrub-A-Dub)

Sometimes a general house cleaning just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need that extra few layers to be peeled back so that the home is clean from the inside out. Customers have many motivations for a top-to-bottom or spring cleaning. The kids are back to school after a busy summer and parents want to celebrate with a thorough cleaning of the home. Extended family is visiting, and the house needs to look spotless. The in-laws are coming for their annual visit and the last thing you want to worry about is a messy house!

With The Art Of Clean Agency you can customize the cleaning any way you like. That means you can request additional details in a cleaning, such as the insides of all cabinets, drawers, appliances, or perhaps a detailed dusting such as baseboards, window sills, window tracks, blinds, shutters, and even the windows! Just create a priority list for the cleaners – it’s that easy!

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning (Empty or Vacancy)

A move can be exhausting. There are so many moving pieces to a move it is often difficult to coordinate everything. Is everything packed up properly? When are the movers arriving? Who will repair the minor damage in the home? Is my landlord going to agree with my definition of ‘clean’? Does the carpet need a steam cleaning, or can I get away with running it over with a vacuum cleaner? Will I get my deposit back?

The Art Of Clean Agency can help. You can focus on the things that require your attention – packing, moving, eating, and sleeping! Let the experts take care of the housecleaning. Whether your property is vacant or not, you will undoubtedly need help with the cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, oven fridge, drawers, cabinets, doors & frames, spot cleaning the marks on the walls, floors, and carpets. You can make the cleaning as detailed as you would like – every cleaning is customized!

Most customers want a complete and thorough cleaning of the home in order to prepare it for a vacancy – whether it is moving in, moving out, or preparing a property for transaction.

Move-in and Move-out Cleaning
Ready to Rent or Sell Cleaning

Ready To Rent or Sell Cleaning

Preparing a property for a transaction can be a taxing experience. Whether it is to overhaul the home after a bad tenancy, prepare the home for new tenants, ready the home for a showing, or get the home professionally cleaned prior to a sale/purchase, the entire process can be draining. Our agency has deep experience in working with individual property owners, professional property managers, Realtors, vacation rental managers, and of course, tenants!

The reality of transaction-based cleanings is that when ownership or tenantship changes hands, the cleaning effort required can be significant. The Art Of Clean Agency has many cleaners that have experience in providing services that meet the demands of transaction-based situations.

Get the property looking the way it needs to in order to rent or sell. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you!  Or easier – book online today!

Vacation Rental Cleaning (Airbnb, VRBO)

Vacation rental turnover cleanings are basically a regular general cleaning, with the addition of bed changing, laundry of sheets and towels, dishes, and the clearing out of previous older food or used items left by the previous guests.  We can also tailor these to each owner and work with your unique scheduling, preferences, and particulars.

Vacation Rental Cleaning
Before and After Party Clean-up

Before and After Party Clean-Up

Preparing for a party requires weeks and months of preparation. Customers often realize too late that the house needs a good house cleaning before the guests arrive. Timing is of the essence as the house cannot be cleaned too far in advance as things start to get dirty again. The first priority for a cleaning prior to a party or event is almost always the main party area. Floors need to be cleaned along with the main bathrooms, carpets, furniture, edges & corners, blinds, windows, and kitchen. These are just examples of the areas that customers often request in a party cleaning. Once the party is over you can just as easily set up a cleaning to get the house to its original pre-party condition. Sometimes the party is a bit “over the top” for which the resulting aftermath is simply too much for the hosts to deal with — in which case contact us and we would be happy to set up a service for you.

Construction and Restoration Clean-Up

If you recently had any type of construction or remodeling done in the home, The Art Of Clean Agency can help with the clean-up. Oftentimes there is considerable dust as a result of the construction, so customers place greater emphasis on dusting, vacuuming, floor clean-up, and baseboards. As always, every cleaning can be customized to your liking!

Construction and Restoration Clean-Up
New and Expectant Mothers

New and Expectant Mothers

We can certainly appreciate the importance of a clean home when someone is expecting. Whether its general housecleaning to help out when moving around is a bit difficult or cleaning the house thoroughly for when the baby arrives, The Art Of Clean Agency can provide the right referrals to you. Beyond housecleaning it is common to see customers request help for picking up items from the floor, laundry, folding clothes, and even organizing closets and drawers. As always, every cleaning is customized!

Laundry and Folding Clothes

Customers can also request domestics to assist with laundry (you provide the detergent and coins if needed). Cleaners can start loads in washer and/or dryer, fold clothes and can put them away as you require.

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