A standard cleaning includes general, simple cleaning activities that you’d normally do to keep a house clean every week: bathrooms, kitchen, living room and bedroom cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping etc. More in-depth cleaning, like window washing, cleaning inside cabinets, or inside the fridge or oven, are considered extra services and you should request them separately when completing a booking.

Of course, you can. There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to select these tasks from the list of extras in the booking form, or write them down in the “special instructions” section of the booking form. Another way is to reply to our confirmation email or sign into your account and leave the instructions there. Whichever way you choose, we’ll take note of your special requests.

You’ll get a price estimate when you fill in the booking form on our Booking Page. The price depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home and the number of extra services that you request.  You can also choose to “book by the hour” to do a set number of priorities for a chosen number of hours – hours are per cleaner per hour.

The easiest way to create an account is to book your first cleaning. An account will be automatically created for you.

We currently service the following areas: California: San Diego county, the Temecula valley areas, the Palm Springs valley areas, and in Arizona: easy valley and west valley areas of Phoenix. So, if you live in any of these areas, we’ll gladly help you with your cleaning needs.

The cleaning providers do bring their own supplies, but let us know if you have any special requirements about the type of cleaning materials you’d like us to use. Our kit normally includes: vacuum cleaner (if you don’t have one), bucket and mop, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, furniture spray, cloths, sponges, gloves, products against limescale and mildew. Depending on the extra services you request we may also bring window, fridge and oven cleaning supplies.

An account will be automatically generated for you when you create your first booking on the Booking Page. To log into that account later, click the “Login” button in the header or footer menu, then enter your username and password.

You can submit a password change request on the customer login page.

If you log in to your account you can make changes to your address directly. Otherwise, you can always contact us and we’ll update your address info for you.

Log in to your account and update your card details. The system will automatically take into consideration the new payment details when you make your next booking or when we charge your card next.